Improve in-store execution
Get actionable facts

Discover Retailcheck

Retailcheck is a new tool, which uses mobile technology to provide, at low cost, the essential facts you need to drive your business. Why ask your sales people and merchandisers to visit stores and report, when this information can be gathered in a much faster and cheaper way? Let them focus on selling and executing your campaigns; just log in to Retailcheck and get back into the driving seat.


Step 1 Select Stores

With over 3600 GFT stores, Norway has the highest number of GFT stores per capita in Europe. Add clothes, cosmetics, gifts boutiques and pharmacies and you will reach over 10000 points of sale. Our dashboard lets you select exactly the stores you are interested in. Just click on type, region, cities, store size, franchise names, etc. In a few clicks you will have defined your universe.


STEP 2 Edit questions

Retailcheck lets you check anything you would like to know: Is the planogram in place? Has a given display been installed? Is a product featured at the right price? How much stock is on the shelf? There is no limit to what you can ask. Questions can be open copy, dual (yes/no), multi-select (ABC…), scaled (1 to 10), specified (picture, image), etc. All is simple, everything is possible.


STEP 3 Collect data

Retailcheck uses mobile technology to collect data in real time. Both geo-fencing and facts input (geolocalised pictures) ensure quality. Two options are available. Retailcheck crowdsourced activates Crowdit’s agent network against a fee per mission; this is the fastest and most flexible solution. Retailcheck corporate activates your internal employee network; this is then a much more efficient tool than any other reporting.


STEP 4 Activate facts

Retailcheck lets you track the progress online in real time. If some stores for example have the wrong planogram, no display, no stock, or the wrong prices, you will be able to tell your staff exactly where to go and what to do. You can inform marketing of competitor moves instead of finding this out months later with expensive sell out data. You are back in the driving seat!


Technology shapes the way we organize our life and our businesses. Retailcheck is Crowdit’s first tool in this new arena. It beats all previous mystery shopping solutions: only actionable facts that are ready to move forward without further work; no delays in spite of the outsourcing of the workloads; full flexibility on timing and content of the missions. All this at a fraction of the cost. Join us and experience the costs and time advantages that technology will deliver.